Petagious Best Friends

Our Petagious Best Friend line was lovingly designed with children in mind.

For many kids, a dog or cat becomes their most trusted member of the family. Their pet is the furry friend with whom they share their deepest secrets due to the unbreakable trust that is part of a relationship between pets and their owners.

For children whose dogs have followed them everywhere and waited patiently for the school bus so they to greet them, tail wagging madly, or whose cats have scratched at their bedroom door at night so that they could curl up with them under their blankets, the loss of a pet can be profoundly painful.

Our Best Friend line of custom stuffed animals can help ease that pain.

Our handmade Best Friend plush animals are crafted by our talented designers and offer as a less expensive alternative. Although they are made with the same focus on high-quality craftsmanship, they are more kid-friendly, because they are not as lifelike as the Replicas, which could be frightening for a young child who does not yet completely understand death and dying, and could be experiencing it for the first time with the loss of their pet.

Instead, these plush Best Friends are an ideal way to gently ease a child’s grief by providing them with a pet that can go wherever the child goes, comforting them whenever memories of the beloved dog or cat that crossed over the rainbow bridge -where all animals are said to go when they pass away – become too painful.

While our Best Friends line is crafted in a way that’s similar to a traditional stuffed animal – it is filled with hypoallergenic polyester with traditional eyes and noses – they feature the markings of your family pet so that your child will be reminded of the dog or cat her or she loved with every soft, plush hug.

Our Best Friends are laboratory tested and approved safe for children.

They are 16 inches tall and retail for $129.99.

Because they are custom made, there is a delivery time of four to six weeks. For more information visit:

Everlasting Comfort. Crafted with Love.