Petagious Replica

100% Handmade- Reproduced by hand to bring their finest characteristics to life through airbrushing and detailed features

Highly Detailed Replica- By using the latest technology and a highly skilled team of designers

Hypoallergenic Polyester Filling- Only premium materials are used.

Multiple Sizes Available- Available in three different size options: 16 inch | 24 inch | 32 inch

Delivery- 8-10 Weeks

Starting at $249.99

Detailed Airbrushing

Petagious Replicas are 100 percent handmade, and are given the detailed features that are unique to your pet through airbrushing and other advanced methods.

3D Imaging

Our amazing lifelike replica animals are created using the latest technology. A three-dimensional model is created from the photographs that are sent in. This enables us to provide the highest precsion.

Multiple Sizes

16-inch Replicas- ideal for cats and small breed dogs

24-inch Replicas- best for medium to large breeds

32-inch Replicas- best choice large breeds

Every morning, there they are to greet us, the dogs and cats for whom we – their human – are the most important person in the world.

They wake us up with an alarm clock bark, licks to our noses or eyes staring at us until we wake up to see their grinning faces, inches from our own, eager to start another day.

That time spent bonding with our dogs or cats makes the relationship between a human and an animal truly special.

But as the saying goes, all dogs (cats and other pets, of course) go to heaven, and the morning that your fur baby isn’t there to wake you up can be one of the most painful days of your life.

We at Petagious understand that pets are members of the family, and that their loss can be especially painful.

That’s why we’ve created Replica, a lifelike stuffed animal designed in the image of your pet, a high-end plush that allows you to own a version of your pet that may help ease your grief.

Our high-end Replicas are not traditional stuffed animals, but are instead top-of-the-line hypoallergenic polyester filling.

A charming way to remember your dog or cat, Petagious Replicas can capture your pet’s favorite expression or pose, allowing you to keep a part of them with you forever.

Each Replica, which has custom-made eyes and a custom-made nose to appear even more like your cherished pet, is handcrafted over 400 working hours.

Because the items are custom made in the image of your pet, a process that takes time, your Replica will be delivered within 8 to 10 weeks.

Everlasting Comfort. Crafted with Love.