Losing a Pet: Tips on Grieving Your Loss

Unless you own a dog or a cat, it’s impossible to understand the loss felt when losing a pet that you’ve loved for years.  Dogs and cats complete our families and provide us with their unconditional love, adorable snuggles, and cute kisses.  Their antics which have provided us with years of entertainment and loving stories create a deep void in our hearts when they pass on.

Petagious was built upon these foundations and the love for our pets.  Seeking a way to memorialize our beloved pets gave us an outlet for our emotions.  We understand losing a pet is heartbreaking.  And while each one of us grieves in unique and different ways, we’d like to share some tips in coping through this unfortunate loss.

Understand that your emotions are normal.  Sadness, grief, depression, and laughter are just some of the emotions that you’ll cycle through.  Laughing at a funny memory one moment and turning to tears the next will happen.  Let those healthy feelings loose; it’s all part of the process when losing a pet in your life.


Don’t avoid the pain.  Take a day off to spend time with yourself or family.  Your children may have different reactions, but they look to you for what is right.  Talk together about your pet and what made them so loveable.  Share favorite stories or find a craft that will help them work through their emotions.


Memorialize your pet.  Planting a tree in their memory is great way to memorialize your pet.  A gravestone can also be created with the help of all family members so each can contribute as a way of healing together.


Consider a custom made stuffed animal. Petagious’ Replica product is a perfect way to grieve the loss of a beloved pet.  The lifelike details that make your dog or cat unique are hand crafted to look just like your pet.


Seek help if necessary.  There are many support groups through local foundations, church groups, and online.  Talk with other pet owners who have experienced losing a pet and find comfort in each other.


The list is endless when it comes to finding ways to grieve and commemorate your pet.  There is no perfect recipe for coping with the loss.  Our wish is that you have fond memories of the love and adoration they lent to you during their well-lived life.  We know how diligent you were in caring for and loving your pet and understand how your unconditional love turns to heartbreak and sorrow.


Seek solace in the time you had together with your pet and know that you gave them the best possible life.  The loss of a pet is often just as difficult as losing a family member; because they were part of your family.  Just as you’ll never forget a single member of your family, you’ll never forget your pet.  Hold on to your wonderful memories, cry when the moment strikes, and never be afraid to find the support you need from others to get through the day.

Visit our website to learn more about paying tribute to your dog or cat by creating a Replica, or follow us on Facebook.  Our Replica pets will never replace your real pet, but we hope they’ll bring you comfort and joy when you need it most.