Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Our four-legged family members are one of a kind and we hold them dear to our hearts.  We laugh at their antics, snuggle close with them when we need a shoulder to lean on, and cry when their age starts to catch up with them.  The helpless feeling of losing a pet is all-consuming.  And, while there is little we can do in these situations, sharing your feelings and learning how to cope without them helps to ease some of the pain.  If you have lost a pet or are struggling with having to make a very difficult decision about quality of life for your pet, be at peace.  Every pet lover has been in this position or will be.

Emotions will run high and range from sadness to remembrance; from anger to acceptance.  Grief is unique for every individual.  Some accept fate as it is much more quickly than others.  Many will question the length of time proper to grieve losing a pet in their life.  Know that mourning the loss of your pet has no timetable; and that’s okay.  You need to work through the emotions in your own way and on your own time.

Our Petagious clients over the years have dealt with losing their pet a number of ways.  Some of the ways include:

  • Holding a funeral – A small funeral will give you and your family closure and a chance to grieve your furry companion together.  Share stories, reminisce about their funny ways, and shed tears as you honor them.  It is a healthy alternative to suffering losing a pet on your own.  Young children will also benefit from this as they watch how you embrace your emotions.
  • Creating a memorial – A tree, or grave marker helps us remember our love for our pets.  A Replica custom stuffed animal is another option.  Memorialize your pet so that their life is celebrated and not forgotten.  Your family members benefit by having something to touch that brings comfort when they struggle with their emotions.
  • Attending group counseling – Working through your emotions with others who have experienced the sadness in losing a pet is extremely helpful.  In some cases your pet was your only companion.  Suffering that loss is no less hard than for those who have a family member to grieve with, but it can make it harder to accept the loss.  Don’t go through this alone.  Reach out to a local group or find a group online.
  • Volunteering at a shelter – An animal at a rescue league or shelter is going through similar emotions as you.  Volunteer your time to share your love and care with animals in need.  These animals need comfort as much as you do and together, you will be able to help each other through this hard time.

Our animals are our life.  When losing a pet becomes unbearable, our connections to those memories don’t have to be erased.  Intense emotions and feelings are normal.  Let us help you find peace with our Replica pets so their legacy can live on or try any of the above suggestions.  Learn more by visiting our Facebook.  page or reach out to us with any questions.