Fun and Educational Custom Stuffed Animals

Nothing is cuter than a tuckered out child, worn out from a long day of playing, asking for their favorite stuffed animal or blanket.  Kids seek comfort in their possessions and as parents, we are happy to oblige.  It means a bit of quiet time, a chance to regroup, or a well-rested child ready for tomorrow.  So, what is your child’s favorite ‘must have?’  Is it a teddy bear, a soft blanket, or a favorite animal?  What about a custom stuffed animal that resembles their dearest pet?  Stuffed animals aren’t just toys, they are companions, siblings, and they can be educational as well.


At Petagious, we know how much our pets mean to us.  For children, a pet is a confidant, a cuddle buddy.  The great thing about these soft, snuggly toys is that they can be used for educational purposes; an outlet for learning.  Today, let’s explore the great benefits of a stuffed animal or custom stuffed animal for your child.

  1. Stuffed animals teach young toddlers language along with sounds and matching.  Ask children what sounds each animal makes and let them mimic your version of sounds.  Young toddlers start to match sounds with their counterparts, aiding in identification.
  2. Children learn empathy from stuffed animals. At a young age they will express love by hugs and kisses, anger by throwing them, and sorrow if one gets hurt; aka a ripped seam.  They learn how to care for their things, as well.
  3. Toddlers and preschoolers learn responsibility by watching you. They will recreate your actions and pet care by providing the same care to their custom stuffed animal that looks just like their real dog or cat.
  4. Preschoolers and kindergarteners benefit from stuffed animals by imagination exploration. They use these toys as companions or audience members, acting out a puppet show or using make-believe to travel to fun destinations.  They’ll practice with their stuffed animals by playing house, setting up a tea party, or feeding or diapering their toy as they watch their younger siblings receive the same care.
  5. Older children learn about habitats and animal classification from stuffed animals as their knowledge and interest expands.

Stuffed animals come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and species.  For pet lovers, a custom stuffed animal adds extra benefits.  Children love them for their lookalike qualities and the ease in which they are allowed on the furniture.  Cuddling at bedtime or during a tough day with your very own version of your rambunctious dog or sneaky cat is finally easy.  Visit our Best Friends page to explore the opportunity to give your child their very own Best Friend custom stuffed animal.

Our animals are made to resemble your pet.  Now your children can have their favorite companion snuggled close at home or away when your family pet can’t join you.  A Petagious Best Friend will give your child the educational tools to learn and grow.  Visit our Facebook page to learn more about our cuddly Best Friends and get ready to see the love and smiles on your child’s face.