Petagious Best Friends

100% Handmade- All Petagious custom stuffed animals are 100% handmade by a talented design team.

Explore Your Creativity- From a photograph to a drawing explore your creative side and bring it to life.

Hypoallergenic Polyester Filling- We only use the best material available. All Petagious Best Friends are made with hypoallergenic polyester materials.

Simply Fun- These cute stuffed animals are great for the young ones that want to take their best friend everywhere with them.

Available Size- 16 inches

Delivery- 4-6 Weeks


Encourage Creativity with a Customized Stuffed Animal

Do you have an artist on your hands whose imagination knows no leaps or bounds? Looking for a unique one of a kind best friend for your little one? Petagious Best Friends are the perfect way to celebrate creativity and inspiration with a cute stuffed animal recreation of their dreams.

Bring your photo or drawings to life with our best friend version of your pet or special creation.  Have you ever dreamed of what a hippo and dog would look like?  A hippog?   Do you doodle at school or the office?

Send us your drawing or pictures and we’ll create you an custom made stuffed animal that resembles your illustration.  You’ll have a one-of-a-kind unique stuffed animal of your pet or creation that can further inspire creativity and ingenuity.


Inspiration.  Imagination. Impress.

Astound your family and friends with a fun gift that brings their creativity to life.  Give as a gift to a young mind who likes to draw or to the person in your life who amazes all with their detailed characters on paper.

Okay, how does this work?

Simple! Send us your drawing of your creation or a photo of your pet and we’ll create a customized stuffed animal. Petagious Best Friends are cute stuffed animals, super soft, and super cuddly. They are made to have a inviting kid friendly appearance.

Who is this for?

Children grieve in their own way. Have a children’s version of a beloved pet made so they will always be with them.
Bring an imaginary friend to life
Great for someone looking for that special unique gift
Great to encourage imagination and creativity.