The Petagious Story

Petagious was founded by pet lovers who understand how much you love your pets. What else but love would drive America’s pet owners to spend well over $6 billion a year on their fur babies?

We love ours, as well. We also understand that for all the joy our beloved dogs and cats bring us, there will come a day when that joy inevitably turns to sorrow.

The loss of a pet can be as painful as the loss of a human family member, and although that pain diminishes over time, it doesn’t completely fade away.

At Petagious, we know that the physical presence of your pet can never be replaced, but also understand that when photographs are not enough to honor your pet’s memory, our handmade, huggable Replica and Best Friend custom stuffed animals can fill the void.

While there are several other companies that craft likenesses of your pet, we stand apart from our competitors by focusing on one-of-a-kind creations that will serve as a form of comfort after a pet’s loss.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pay tribute your furry best friend in the kindest way possible, by creating a unique work of art in your pet’s likeness, so you will always remember the special times you shared with your furry best friend.

Petagious is based in Pennsylvania, and our handmade products are made overseas by our talented team of designers, who spend hundreds of hours creating realistic plush likenesses of your cherished pet.

We are not your average custom stuffed animal company. While our high-quality creations can serve multiple purposes – provide a plush pet for someone with allergies, for someone who lives in a place where pets aren’t allowed, for a student going off to college, leaving their pet behind for the first time, or  or to ease separation anxiety for kids going away to college or military personnel forced to leave their pets at home, can keep their pet’s love close while they are away – our primary goal is to help ease the grief of pet loss in a kind, loving way.

We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Our superior-quality Petagious products are meant to ease that pain by providing soft comfort that will last forever, no matter how many tearful hugs they may get.

Everlasting Comfort. Crafted with Love.